The Best Online Casino Software

The Best Online Casino Software

Anyone who has visited more than one casino site will most likely have noticed a difference in the appearance and sounds of the games available. This is because there are quite a few software developers out there who support different casinos. Most of them offer great game play with excellent graphics and sound and provide a reliable platform to play on.

Some casinos and their affiliates will all work using the same software provider, allowing them to offer linked games across different sites, so you may be surprised to see different sites with almost identical game play, but this isn’t uncommon. After all, there are thousands of online sites available and probably only about 10 really popular software providers. There are others of course that specialise in particular types of games or themes, and some more specialist casinos may choose to use these providers, but the most common names you will come across are Microgaming, Realtime Gaming, Playtech, Cryptologic and Boss Media.

Microgaming offers innovative game design, excellent quality of graphics and sound, almost unrivalled security of your money and details, and some of the highest progressive jackpots around. They offer the largest poker network available, linking players from all over the world, and they support a variety of languages.

Realtime Gaming casinos are unusual in the online world because they often still accept wagers from American players, meaning that they have experienced a dramatic upsurge since 2006 when the US passed its anti gambling bill. They specialise in progressive slots games and they run huge networks of progressive games which are verified by a third party as being fair due to the random number generators behind all of their games.

Playtech is now the largest publicly traded online gaming developer. Through innovative design, loyalty rewards schemes, excellent graphics, reliability, security and multi-language support they have become an industry leader. Many top online sites will use Playtech software mainly because it allows players to have just one account for different activities, such as poker, bingo or casino games.

Cryptologic have been key in implementing features such as multi-player games, live chat and 3D graphics. They offer an extremely secure cash withdrawal facility and free customer service support lines which are available 24 hours a day.

Players at Cryptologic casinos generally report high levels of satisfaction and get to experience a great gaming environment.

Boss Media specialises in developing software to allow players to access online casino games from a wide variety of platforms, for example from hand-held computers, mobile phones, interactive tv and video points. They moved from running their own casino, which was one of the first online sites, to developing software to allow more players access to great casino functions.

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