Microgaming Online Casinos Receive New Slots

Microgaming Online Casinos Receive New Slots

There are very few things that can be counted on in the world of online casinos. The casino you are playing with might run away with your money the next day, it might go bankrupt or it might end up giving you a thousand times that same amount of money if you hit a jackpot. However, one of the things that can safely be relied upon in online gambling is Microgaming.

The Microgaming Corporation was one of the first companies into the online casino business and over the last few years it has been one of the most reliable if not the most reliable online casino company around. One of the things that make it so reliable is the fact that it releases new games every single month. In the paraphrased words of one online blogger, one of the few things in the world of online casinos that can be relied upon is the ability of Microgaming to consistently and constantly deliver games into the mix that are very good.

For this month, there are three games that Microgaming has released into the market. Two of these games are slot machines of the video type and one is a video poker game. There are already datasets available on all three of these games and information about each one follows below.

The first video slot machine is called First Past the Post. While many people may be tempted to think that this video slot machine is about voting in elections, the truth of the matter is that it is actually about horse racing. Horse racing is a very popular theme for slot machines already and therefore it is easy to see why Microgaming decided to take this route. It has five reels, twenty-five pay lines and has sound effects that make you believe you’re actually at the track. With symbols for horses, riders, money and all other things involved with the Sport of Kings, Microgaming has high hopes for this particular slot machine.

The second video slot machine is known as Sir Winsalot and as many people may be able to guess from the name, it is a slot machine that combines the romanticism of the medieval ages with the sheer monetary benefits that can sometimes come out of the world’s modern casinos. It has five reels and twenty pay lines. While there are fewer ways to win in Sir Winsalot, the datasheet on this particular game very strongly hints at the fact that it will stay true to its name when you play it.

The video poker game that Microgaming has introduced this month is Deuces Wild Level Up Poker. This is the same Deuces Wild game that people know and love with the added bonus of being able to string successive wins on hands together and multiply winnings just as you would in a parlay bet. This will be a welcome addition to the already hefty number of video poker games that Microgaming has and this video poker game along with the two new video slot machines will keep Microgaming online casinos fresh to their players.

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