Bruins Favored by Online Casinos Sports Bettors

According to the AP poll and the BCS ranking, the USC Trojans are the number one college football team in the country. However, a loss to the UCLA Bruins could bring their run towards a third consecutive national championship to a screeching halt. The online casinos betting, supports this possibility, revealing that the online casinos bettors have placed 75 percent of all bets on a Bruins win with a 21.5 point spread.

Sportsbook is the online casinos operator reporting these numbers. Peter Childs, Odds Maker at Sportsbook had this to say: ‘This is a surprising betting trend. It does not mean that fans think USC will lose the game necessarily, but it certainly suggests that fans think the Trojans are vulnerable. This is really the first time this year that bettors have gone against the Trojans, maybe they’re onto something.’ A Bruins win could put the team in a position to enter a BCS Bowl game, namely the Sugar, Orange, or Fiesta Bowl. Online casinos football fans will have to wait and see who will win this crucial game.

If the Bruins do win, it would still be possible for USC to finish in the top two in the BCS rankings with a loss. The Texas Longhorns and Penn State cannot be forgotten – this game could also determine how they will continue this season. During this exciting time, many online casinos bettors love to bet on their favorite teams, as well as those that just seem like true winning teams. With the season quickly reaching its peak – the various Bowl games – the football season, and football betting, will soon come to a close, leaving college football online casinos fans to turn elsewhere for their sports betting.

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